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Andaman Barren Island

Barren Islands is found within the bay and is one among the foremost easterly of the Andaman Islands. The Barren Islands is that the solely confirmed active volcano in South Asia. The island, alongside the remainder of the Andaman, is an element of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and lies some one hundred thirty five kick northeast of the territory`s capital, Port Blair. The primary recorded eruptions of the volcano on Barren Islands date from to 1787. Since then, the volcano has erupted quite six fold and also the most up-to-date eruption was on two might 2006.

After the initial eruption of Barren Islands in 1787, additional eruptions were recorded in 1789, 1795, 1803-04, and 1852. Once nearly 2 centuries of dormancy, the Barren Islands had another eruption in 1991 that lasted six months and caused wide harm. There was another eruption in 1994-95 and also the most up-to-date one occurred in 2005. The newest eruption on Barren Islands is taken into account to be related to the 2004 ocean earthquake. Once the recent eruptions, the Barren Islands, that still experiences, the strange tremor is being preserved and guarded as a distinct segment traveler destination because the tsunami-battered territory seeks to usher in a lot of revenue to the state.