• Andaman Nail Island

Andaman Neil Island

You want to get away from the entire world of hustle-bustle. Just want some calmness and relaxing surrounding. Endeavor a life with full of peace and love. You want a most memorable holiday on a tropical island. You are pleased for astonishing landscapes and sunsets.

Neil Island is a flyspeck but beauteous island located 37 Kms. to the south of the Andaman Islands. With undiscovered coral ridge, excellent bio-diversity, white sandy beaches and tropical forest and flora, it is one of the hot tourist spots in the Andaman. Neil Island is acknowledged as the ‘attractive attraction’ of the Andamans. The settlers titled the beaches after fabulous characters of the epic Ramayana (Laxmanpur, Bharatpur, Sitapur, Ramnagar etc.) The island, with its very positive vibes and long, deserted beaches is a geographical area to cool out after the "flurry" of Havelock. The broad part of the island is about 5 km in radius. You can travel the entire island in about 2 hours.

Don’t go on the size of the island, Neil has huge to offer. Like Havelock, its beaches are counted from 1 to 5, where one number is the beautiful, with amazing snorkeling choice and an adorable sunset point. Beach number two has a natural bridge rock shaping that can only be views at low-tide range and on beach number five, which screened directly east, one can look up to impressive, pleasing sunrises.

Beaches on Neil are largely acknowledged by huge tide, so during low-level tide swimming in many beaches is unworkable owing to the pointed chromatic and rocks. If you get blase of spending time on the beach, there are better choices to go for underwater diving or snorkeling as marine life is vivacious!

As a tourist destination, Neil Island is no longer just a backpacker attraction. Over the last few years, many luxury resorts have sprung up, catering to tourists looking for all kinds of a holiday.