Andaman Port Blair Island

Destination in Port Blair

Port Blair is the most known and romantic place in the Andaman Island. It is worth to visit at Port Blair with your loved ones and enjoy every moment of life out there.

Know some places in Port Blair:

Cellular Jail

The Cellular jail located in Port Blair, Andaman is directly linked with the freedom fighter of India. The Cellular jail, built in 1896 was employed by Brits to move Indian freedom fighters from the Indian terrafirma. Thousands of freedom fighters languished for years in solitary within the cells of the Cellular Jail. Today, the Cellular Jail is asserted because the National Memorial, a tribute to people who dared to boost their voices against Brits rules.

Mini Zoo

Mini installation could be a little Zoological park placed at Haddo in Port statesman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The installation is legendary for its crocodile breeding farm. The installation has concerning two hundred species of birds and animals.

Samudrika museum

Samudrika museum is passing the Indian Navy. The museum has five sections: history of the islands, their geographic, people, marine life and anthropology. The museum additionally homes a powerful show of coral and shells, and an oversized map of topography in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Anthropological museum

The social science museum, in Port statesman, was originated in the year 1975. The social science repository displays social group necessities and artifacts like boats, weapons, baskets, clothing, pictures, models and records of exploratory expeditions undertaken over the years. The in-house library provides priceless relevance the native social group culture of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Marina Park

Located on the coast facing the Ross Island is that the docking facility park. The docking facility Park offers rides for kids and adults: large wheels, soldier and dragon coaster and toy train. Different attractions embody a miniature arboretum, a sculpture of Netaji Subash chandra nuclear physicist.

Corbyn's Cove

The Corbyn’s Cove could be a serene and unspoiled soft sandy beach, set in picturesque background of lush inexperienced coconut palms and pleasant Blue Ocean. The most attractions of this beach square measure the attractive water sports activities like surfing, scuba-diving and yachting. The Corbyn’s Cove beach, placed eight kms from the town center is that the highest Beach from the town. This coconut- palm fringed beach, is good for swimming, surf riding and bathing. The Waves eating house, the unbeatable Sarovar porch Resort and therefore the coraciiform bird Nest Guest House square measure at a step, from the beach front. In fact, incomparable Sarovar porch is that the only beach resort within the town.

Fisheries museum

The Fisheries museum homes quite three hundred marine species of marine life, together with live coral, sharks, polyps and sea star. These marine species, peculiar to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is found solely within the Indo-Pacific and therefore the Bay of geographic area.

Chatham Saw Mill

Once Asia’s largest Saw Mill is found in Chatham Island & is connected to Port statesman by a ocean bridge. Since the Supreme Court of Bharat prohibited work in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, most of the wood currently comes by ship from Malaya, Asian nation and Thailand. Chatham Saw Mill converts immense Logs into completely different sizes of timber. It additionally processes decorative species that is employed within the manufacture of article of furniture and handicraft.